It's the little details that make the difference

When riding your only contact points on the bike are handlebars, saddle and peddles. But which is the most important? Arguably peddles.

Although saddle and handlebar comfort are both vital for comfortable cycling, it’s the pedal-foot interface that you rely on for all that energy transfer.

For year's there have been studies about the rigidity of the sole of your cycling shoe, and science has proven that a stiffer sole gives a better transfer of power, it's a simple equation. But little consideration has gone into the importance of wearing proper socks. It's true that the gauge of a good pair of bibs shorts is the pair you don't know you're wearing and we think the same is true for socks. After all, if you're not focusing on the job in hand you're not giving it 100%.

Buying stiff lightweight shoes, makes for a positive mechanical connection between you and your bike, there's really nothing like the feeling of pushing down on your pedals, clicking in and lurching forward. But there's also an equally as beautiful sense of occasion, and that's wearing socks, not any but the right ones. 

In short, your feet and shoes deserve the very best. Leave the thick, cheap, nontechnical socks in your bottom draw, reserve your best socks for every ride, because life is too short. We believe that the research and development that goes into our socks sets them apart in terms of superior quality, fit and technicality. When you pull them up it's not just your feet that eagerly await them, but also your shoes. PONGO London socks are thinner, not because there's less material but because we take the time to finely weave high grade yarns to make a sophisticated denser sock that enables your foot to breath. 

Our machines are dedicated to providing you with exquisite socks, it's our passion and with over 30 years of experience our team is best placed to ensure you perform your best. 

Let us know what you think, do your socks make you faster?

PONGO London
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