How can I improve my climbing?

We've long been keen climbers and are firm believers that spinning is winning. Whether it's a short town power climb or a 14km mountain road, ultimtely you want to get to the top as quickly as possible. Here are some things that we focus on when training for a climb. 

1. Hill repeats. Go deep into the hurt locker. 

2. Change your pace. Variety is the spice of life. Take it easy then go hard. 

3. Brow sprints. Not the ones on your face. You're not at the top until you've gone over, push a little more.

4. Stay seated. You'll engage more of your hamstrings. More muscle means more power. 

5. Relax your shoulders and arms. Assist your breathing. 

6. Improve your cadence 80-90. Reduce the build up of lactate and go further. 

7. Clothing. When you climb, the effects of sweating are overwhelming because you're going slower. Wear light weight clothing, this includes socks that are specifically designed. 

Sure, we're not experts, but we do love to climb! Whilst you don't always need to go full gas, your legs will thank you when you do decide to effortlessly cruise to the top whilst taking in the views. Let us know below if you have any top tips for climbing? 

Remember it's calling time and it's time to commit. 

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