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The team over at Cyclist magazine have featured our socks in their 'This week in bike stuffarticle. Cyclist, a magazine dedicated to the sport, covers the world's best rides and products. We're flattered that they like our socks!

"Pongo London is a brand that specialise in premium socks, enthusing about them on a level previously unseen - which is quite something in the style-conscious bike industry. 

The new Merino Wool collection socks are a 100% merino and feature a classic 6 inch cuff, with either a classy 4-band colour design or understated 'gold glitter' design. 

So what does Pongo mean we hear you ask? It stands for 'Passion on the go."

If you like high quality and unique clothing, the you're in the right place. Our socks are simply exceptional.

PONGO London
Passion ON the GO

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