Christmas gift guide for cyclists

Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

You're probably here because you're considering getting into cycling or you're looking for something special for that all important cyclist in your life. It's hard to find the perfect gift, especially in light of how many cycling gadgets are available on the market. We have listed of our top picks this coming Christmas. These items have been picked based on our personal experience and the hard yards we've put down over the years. We are pationate about  

The Best Gifts for Cyclists

RANGE: £10-£50

1) Cyclist Magazine Subscription. Now there are a lot of magazines out there that we love to read, but Cyclist Magazine always has a good mix of product, race and general cycling information to keep us entertained for hours on end. For us this is the gift that keeps giving and perfect for any coffee lover to mull over. This is why this would be a first choice on our cycling gift list this christmas. 

PRICE: From £5.00
PRODUCT: Yearly subscription


christmas gifts for cycling

2) Socks! Cycling socks are a great present for any cyclist, you can't have too many. It's the one accessory you can change on a regular basis and it changes your entire look. There are many socks on the market but we believe that ours offer the best balance of design content and importantly quality. Our socks have been developed by cyclists, their made in Italy by PONGO London and for those that appreciate technical kit you can't go wrong. Pull a pair on and they will urge you to get out and ride. 

PRICE: From £12.50
PRODUCT: Staples Polka Dot

christmas cycling socks


3) Chamois cream, what's that I hear you say? Well it's the cream cyclists need to place on their... well in areas that might get sore. Perhaps not an obvious gift but actually a really good one. It's hard to great natural products and Velo Skin another UK based brand is one of those brands that we think is great, focused and created by cyclists who needed something better like us. Soothing wash creams are also available and products to keep your guns silky smooth on the road.

PRICE: From £14.00


best christmas gifts for cyclists

4) Bike lights, not because it's Christmas but because it's a great way of getting seen on the road. Paired with bright socks or a reflective Gilet these are a great buy and we really like Lezyne lights especially their range of Multi-purpose performance LED cycling lights. We would also recommend traditional brands like Cateye which have served us well too. 

PRICE: From £45.00


christmas present for cycling


RANGE: £150-£200

5) For the best cycling bib shorts you can't get any better than Assos. Assos make the worlds best bib shorts in Switzerland and we work with them on a number of things. Over the years we have worn many brands of bibs but Assos throw a lot of money into R&D and as a family basis they have always put their passion to good use to continue making the best garments. We love their kit and they like our socks. If that special person needs to up their comfort levels treat them to a pair of these bibs. They'll thank you. 

PRICE: From £149.99
PRODUCT: T.Équipe_s7


what to buy a cyclist


6) Saddles, we have ridden many a saddle in our time but have always gone back to Fizik. Perhaps it's how they look but in our experience they have always felt great on the road and stood the test of time. For the cyclist looking to upgrade their bike with a PRO style saddle, we would go with the Antares for a balanced approach.  

PRICE: From £149.99
PRODUCT: Antares Saddle

christmas present ideas for cyclist

7) Cycling computers, in todays world we love tracking everything we do. Cyclists are really anal about the accuracy of the data they collect and we were really impressed with these new cycling computers by Wahoo. Quick to set up and accurate. This is a great gadget and perfect for uploading those all important rides to Strava. We have used the  and loved it. 

PRICE: From £199.99

best christmas gifts for a cyclist


RANGE: £300+

8) Cycling shoes. Every cyclist needs a pair and we have to say that our favourites have been the Specialized S Works shoes for some time. They are stiff, light weight and look great. Expensive but they last. Pair with black bib shorts and some colourful socks. You'll look great on your next club ride. 

PRICE: From £300.00
PRODUCT: Specialised S-Works 6 Shoes


christmas gifts for cycling

9) There are bike pumps that you put in the back of your jersey then, there are SILCA bike pumps. This is the sort of bike pump that will get passed down through the family. What more can we say, it's a piece of art and shouldn't be left int he cold. 

PRICE: From £400.00
PRODUCT: Superpista Ultimate Floor


top 10 presents for cyclist


10) Feeling generous?... well you could always buy a bike! The rules are N+1. Not all bikes were created equal and our personal favourite at the moment is the S-WORKS Venge Via Disc Di2.  What happens when you combine a frame with over a 1000 hours in the Wind Tunnel, a fully-integrated cockpit that eliminates exposed cables, and mind- blowing braking performance? This. It's not so much a bike but a space ship that will transport you into another realm. 


PRICE: From £9000


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