Chapter 2.0 is is our newly launched collection of cycling socks for 2018. 

Chapter 2.0 merely represents the next Chapter, and our vision for 2018. A progression if you will. So what does it entail? Well, by all accounts we've taken a step back and focused on providing our customers with a well considered range of socks, incorporating cleaner design content and colours. We're really focusing on what we do best and thats producing premium cycling socks. 

These products represent some of the changes we are going through in the background too, including the introduction of new designers, methods of dying our yarns and a more efficient sales process which is currently being implemented. You'll also notice an improvement in our packaging. 

Those familiar with the term kaizen, will know where we are coming from. This process was coined by Toyota and in the measure of implementing continuous improvement. We believe that to stay at the forefront of cycling hosiery we must constantly evaluate, scrutinise and test every detail and focus on doing one thing exceptionally. 

This summer we made small changes to our machines in Italy as well, which when combined with our newly sourced yarns namely Merino, produces something quite spectacular. Those waiting on order will be rewarded. We thank you for your patience. 

We hope you enjoy our new range and get the opportunity to try them.


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