How long should cycling socks be?

Much debate goes on around cycling sock height and we all know that it comes down to personal preference. But that got us thinking. Does it really or is it a matter of education?

We would recommend that you ditch the entire curriculum on socks and settle for. You just know, when you know. Proper sock height is like the Masonic secret handshake of the cyclist. It’s the secret decoder ring of the cyclist, the ‘Joe sent me’ of the sister and brotherhood of the road. If you can’t work it out from watching those who went before, do you even deserve the knowledge? Leave the side rule in the desk. You just know.

So here's a little help so that you're in the "know". First of all and many before have have used the Winnipegcyclechick’s stellar treatise on sock height should be required reading for everyone, even tennis players. People should have this knowledge. We've even put together our take on this in a handy diagram.

We are in agreement that five to six inches might just be ideal for most riders. Not surprisingly, Taylor Phinney has a precise formula. To calculate your best sock length, first flex your knee to 35 degrees, says Phinney. We’re not sure exactly where he got 35 degrees, but we don’t feel especially qualified to question it. Phinney believes your socks should fall one inch below the calf with a 35-degree knee bend. 

The sweet spot when hit is aesthetically pleasing, it looks fast. You feel fast. You might even go faster. Go over board and you may feel like you're riding slower and ridiculed by other riders. Perfecting the positioning of your socks is the same as getting dialled into your bike, once perfected it just works. 

So there we go, heres another nugget of gold. How do you wear your socks? Do you know a tennis player... 

All we know is wear your socks with pride. Lets get sockdoping. 

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(New socks sit best on shaved legs, not convinced about shaving, read our article on does shaving your legs make you a cyclist?)

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