Training Camp Essentials

Training camp essentials

It's that time of year again. The days are shorter than your longest summer ride, and the cold air relentlessly hunts down those vulnerable spots to limit your fun. So what should you do? Well, we'd advise packing your bags and heading overseas! 

As cyclists it really doesn't get any better than riding all day with friends in the sun, to live the European dream, hopping from café to pizzeria. Trying to perfect that all important look. Sprezzatura!

We'll leave picking a destination up to you but for those in the Northern hemisphere we couldn't fault heading to Majorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria (North), or Malaga which should be warm enough early on in the year.

So what do you take? What do you wear? What might you not of thought about taking with you... First and foremost you're going to want to take your bike (you can rent one too) and to pack your bike you might want to think about buying a bike box. Having a bike box allows you to pack additional kit inside too. We'd always recommend carrying a set of clothes, shoes and helmet in your hand luggage in the event that your bike box doesn't turn up or is delayed. We'd also recommend paying the extra luggage charge for your bike if applicable, as a separate bag handling team looks after your bike which means theres less chance of it being damaged. 

What to pack

Head to toe you'll need it all. One off, one on. Keep it simple and don't over complicate your wardrobe. We prefer layering, this offers versatility when on the bike and also allows you to stow away your items when on the move. For example arm warmers over a long sleeve jacket.


- Helmet
- Glasses
- Neck warmer
- Base layer
- Short Sleeve Jersey
- Arm warmers
- Lightweight gilet
- Water proof jacket
- Bib shorts
- Socks 
- Shoes

- Chamois cream
- Ear plugs
- Sun cream
- Energy drink/ food
- Spares (inners, tyre, chain lube, compact tools)
- Anti-bacterial soap 

Sock choice 

When going over seas you can travel light and change your look as often as you want by simply interchanging your socks. It's also a great moral boost slipping on fresh socks in the morning and putting your shoes on before heading out in the morning. Make it your ritual. 

The Classic

There are going to be those days that you want to look pro and to keep it simply classic in the saddle. Well we've got you covered, it doesn't matter if it 15c, 25c or even a blistering 40c our socks are all designed to regulate your foot temperature and what better way than with a pair of these. Our PRO Race in Folly Pink.

training camp essentials cycling

The Climber

For those who are knowingly heading to warmer climbs and have guaranteed hot weather then your going to need a sock that's going to work that bit harder for you. When you're climbing your speeds going to drop dramatically which means there's less air cooling you. We've all been there, swatting flies from our faces and sweat dripping on to our stems. The heat can be relentless, and with your mesh base layer offering what little relief you can get you might also require some additional cooling around your feet. These socks are highly breathable, durable and the perfect partner for extended periods climbing in the midday sun. 

mesh cycling socks

Cooler Climbs

It's always good to be prepared, those early morning starts can be surprisingly chilly, and if you're planning on beating the midday sun then you're going to need a sock that's going to be able to offer you a little more flexibility. Our Merino socks have been constructed to ensure that they are very dense to trap air and regulate your foot temperature but also thin enough to fit in your summer shoes. This is the perfect training sock to wear under booties in the winter months and have on show in spring. We've tested these up to 18c and they are great. Looking for flexibility? Then look no further. 

merino cycling socks

Whatever the weather, we have your feet covered. 

This isn't intended on being a complicate guide, more our thoughts from going away on various training camps. So if you think we've missed anything then let us know in the comments section below. 


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