Why Does Merino Wool Keep Your Feet Warm?

In this blog we talk about all things merino, and that means sheep. Let's get stuck in. It's time to talk about socks yo! 

Getting down to it, our superior yarn sourcing capabilities really come through with our merino sock range, offering exceptional finish and fit. They feel extremely special to wear. This is the perfect sock for riders who require additional warmth and comfort from a traditional merino wool sock but with added sophistication. It's been constructed using the same methods and template as with all our socks and will simply not disappoint. Our first range should be viewed as the classics range, and by that we mean a sock that you can train in winter after winter.

The warming part

If you're not sure about merino, let us explain why it's great for winter riding. For starters, merino wool feels soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin, it's natural elasticity allows the socks to conform to every angle of the foot making it feel cosy. Merino is the finest of all wools, enabling us to knit a sock that is denser but not thicker giving better heat regulating properties. Which is very important if you want warmer feet. Without getting too technical, wool has a natural crimp in it that helps it trap air. This air is a fantastic insulator and provides a great buffer against the cold. Which is a winner in our book. 

Finally Merino can absorb and retain up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch. Good news if you're out on long rides, comfort is essential. 

Technical specification

  • 6 inch cuff
  • Ultra soft 100% Italian merino wool
  • Anti twist band on foot
  • Superior needle count for quality and durability
  • Bold stripes design
  • Ultra high thread count
  • Ideal temperature: 8c+

Our merino range will expand and also change over time as we perfect this classic sock, so be sure to drop back and as always do get in touch. 


The PONGO London team

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