Cyclingnews: Best Cycling Socks

Best cycling socks: colourful, comfortable and cleverly constructed socks for cycling

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"What you deem necessary for your socks depends on a number of factors: style, fit, construction and colour will all play varying roles. Here's a roundup of our favourites


For such a seemingly insignificant piece of kit, cyclists have a strange affinity for finding the best cycling socks, and riders stress over every detail, from cuff height to colour scheme.


The market for cycling socks is ever-expanding, with super-techy cycling socks that offer compression, carbon-fibre construction and 7-10 watts of aero benefit, to socks that turn the saturation up to 11. Beyond just being a fashion faux pas, running or ankle socks are designed around footsteps rather than pedal strokes, often having extra padding in the wrong place, which can wrinkle and cause hotspots over the course of a ride. The best cycling socks also provide a small layer of protection for your ankle bone, so it doesn't get shredded by the tarmac should you hit the deck.


Socks have been quite a source of controversy over the past few years within cycling, with the UCI enacting, scrapping and then re-instating its rules regarding height. When done correctly, socks can offer an aero advantage, although it's marginal at best and dependant on variables..."  


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