Aero Socks: secrets to speed

Cycling Socks: You put them on your feet and they keep you cool, comfortable, and looking like a badass. That’s all there is to it, right?


Cycling socks make you fast. Not just that ‘new kit feeling’ and the way that a pair of fresh, good-looking socks inspire you to greater efforts. Science actually proves that the correct socks can make you more aerodynamic and sleeker in the wind too.

It’s been discovered that socks over a certain length and using certain fabrics – give you a distinct aero advantage. Material can be woven into socks that reduce drag, and it been found that having your calves covered by almost any fabric is preferable in terms of aerodynamics than leaving them au naturel


Cycling Socks: You put them on your feet and they keep you cool, comfortable, and looking like a badass. That’s all there is to it, right? Wrong.


Think about how many times you turn your legs in a race, TT, or gran fondo. LOTS. So if you have aero-optimised socks, you’re cheating the wind and saving energy, millions of times over. Want to know how much energy? Enough to shave 16 seconds over 40km – a saving many time trialists would bite your hand off for.

aero cycling socks

 There’s been so much interest in the area recently that the UCI – the federation that governs pro cycling – has imposed rules on sock length to make sure that riders are all on a level playing field. In October 2018, a new rule was imposed that stated: "Socks and overshoes used in competition may not rise above the height defined by half the distance between the middle of the lateral malleolus and the middle of the fibula head." 


Enough to shave 16 seconds over 40km


What does that mean? Basically, socks can’t extend over the mid-point of your calf. And those bossy types at the UCI are taking it so seriously that they’ve developed a special stick that they use to test riders before a race, to ensure their socks aren’t too long. 


Well, it’s not just the pros that can have aero legs – you can too. We’ve been working with a team of super-boffins that have helped us to create a super-aerodynamic material, which we’ve started using to make you fast. Our new Aero Socks feature the fit and comfort of our flagship Pro Classics, but we’ve added a super-secret squirrel aerodynamic upper to the fabric, to reduce drag. We’ve been careful to make our socks conform to the UCI standards however, so you guys racing at the upper end of the spectrum need not fear the bossy men and their measuring stick!

 And of course, the socks look slick. The whole aero range is based on a famous ‘razzle dazzle’ camouflage pattern that was first used in World War One ships to made it difficult to track their speed and direction. When you wear these socks, people will under-estimate how fast you’re going, too. 

Want to dazzle with your speed at the next club 25-mile time trial? You don’t need to go biting off any hands to gain 16 seconds. Just buy a set of our new aero socks and be ready to amaze.

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